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Awesome March Teacher Helpers
We have a wonderful assortment of great lessons, activities, and printable worksheets for you in March. This is our best March yet! We stock with great March teacher resources.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 186

 View: March Events Reading and Worksheet Series

 View: Common Questions About Spring Lesson Series

 View: History of St. Patrick's Day & Leprechauns Set

 View: March Teacher Helpers

 View: March Helpers Vol. 1 Worksheets

March is National Women's History Month
Definitely take sometime to check out this lesson series. You find some great material for this month. We look at some of the most influential women through out time.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 87

 View: 10 Influential Women Who Changed History

 View: Billie Jean King, Helen Hayes, and Rosa Parks Lesson Series

 View: Amelia Earhart and Clara Barton Lesson Series

 View: Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B Anthony Worksheets

 Biographies of Sandra O'Connor, Barbara McClintock, and Hillary Clinton

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day
This worksheet set explores the history of St. Patrick's Day, parades, shamrocks, Irish symbols, origins of a meal of corned beef and cabbage, and the folklore of Irish leprechauns. Includes reading passages, graphic organizers, multiple choice and free response questions.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 60

 View: St. Patrick's Day Parades & the Shamrock Story

 View: History of St. Patrick's Day & Leprechauns Set

 View: Wearing Green & St. Patrick's Day Around the World

 View: Who Was St. Patrick? & Ireland at a Glance

March 20th is the First Day of Spring
This wonderful series of lessons and reading comprehension worksheets helps students understand the ins and outs of the spring season. We answer all the questions kids have about spring.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 84

 View: Common Questions About Spring Series

 View: The Animals of Spring Lesson & Worksheet Series

 View: The Plants of Spring Lesson & Worksheet Series

 View: What's Spring All About Lesson & Worksheet Series

Wildlife Week Mar. 13 / Agriculture Week Mar. 15
Last year we received a request for a unit on Endangered Species. We took it to the next level and just released over 200 pages of brand new work on animals, pets, farm animals, flying animals, and geography based animals. Spend some time with these lesson sets, they are really fantastic!

Number of Printable Worksheets: 512

 View: All About Pets Lesson Series

 View: Endangered Animals Lesson Series

:  View: Flying Animals Series

 View: North American Animals Lesson Series

 View: Reading Comprehension Animals Workbook

 View: Things We Always Wondered About Animals

 View: Farm Theme Workbook

 View: Sorting and Classification Intermediate Pack

 View: Farm Cyberstarters Workbook

Read Across America Day is March 2

We now feature a complete line of grades K-12 printable reading comprehension activities and worksheets. Some of our most popular titles are located below.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 1,500

 View: High School Level Reading Comprehension

 View: K-12 Reading Rubric Collection

 View: Middle School Level Reading Comprehension

 View: Reading Comprehension: Animals

 View: Reading Comprehension: General

 View: Reading Comprehension: Occupations

 View: Reading Comprehension: Places

 Reading & Writing Lesson Guide: K Grade 2

 Reading & Writing Lesson Guide: Grade 3 5

 Reading & Writing Lesson Guide: Grade 6 8

 Reading & Writing Lesson Guide: Grade 9 12

March is World Inventors Month
Our Influential Inventors & Influential Scientists series are outstanding. We look at a wide range of inventions, theories, and laws created by some of the most brilliant minds of all time.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 143

 Inventors: Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison

 Inventors: Biro, Ginsburg, & Eli Whitney

 Inventors: Benjamin Franklin & Henry Ford

 Inventors: Gutenberg, Morse & The Wright Bros.

 View: Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton

 View: Paul Dirac, Emil Fischer, Louis Pasteur

 View: Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei

 View: Edwin Hubble, Johannes Kepler, and James Clerk Maxwell

On March 30, 1870 Equal Voting Rights Was Passed
Our election and voting series helps students understand the workings of a democracy. We answer common questions that students from kindergarten to high school have about the process of elections and voting. Many teachers praise this lesson series.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 106

 View: What is the Constitution of the United States? Lesson Set

 View: The Bill of Rights & Articles of the Constitution Lesson Set

 View: Who Created the Constitution? Lesson Set

 View: The Constitution Knows Humans Make Mistakes? Lesson Set