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  • A Meal of Endurance- Students analyze the nutritional value of three meals representative of the food Shackleton's men ate as their journey progressed, and compare them to their own daily diet.
  • Antarctica: A Cold Desert Ecosystem- In this lesson students will construct a rough map of Antarctic ecosystems and explore relationships among the creatures that populate them.
  1. Antarctic E-Mail- "The students will demonstrate prior knowledge of the Antarctic (geography, population, etc.) They will also speculate on what kinds of people go to Antarctica and why those people go to live there. The students will speculate on what life is like in Antarctica. Finally, the students will develop questions they can ask of researchers living at the Amundsen-Scott Research Station in Antarctica."
  2. Expedition to the Poles- Students will pretend they have just returned from a year in the Arctic or Antarctic. They will look at Web sites about these regions and expeditions to them, and they will create posters illustrating their experiences.
  3. Icebergs Ahead!- Students make miniature icebergs, float them in water, expose them to the sun, and compare them to a floating cork stopper. Students also estimate the amount of drift ice around Antarctica.
  4. Icebergs and Penguins- Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species and the only penguins that spend the winter on the Antarctic ice.
  5. Investigating Our Place in the World- A series of activities.
  6. Let the North Star Tell You Where You Are- Students make their own astrolabe, use it to sight the star Polaris, and determine their latitude.
  7. South Georgia Island: Paradise of Ice- Math and science lessons.
  8. Teacher Resources- Complete with vocabulary terms, discussion questions, class projects, and worksheets.
  9. The Antarctic Ecosystem and Krill- This lesson asks students to investigate the importance of krill to the Antarctic ecosystem by researching the animals that depend on it and drawing a food web.
  10. The Antarctic Food Chain- This lesson introduces students to the animals of Antarctica and to the Antarctic food chain. Students will draw pictures of a variety of animals and attach the pictures to a wall collage (be sure to set aside some space on one of the classroom walls).
  11. The Coldest Place at the Bottom of the World- Students use longitude and latitude coordinates to trace and estimate the miles on Shackleton's actual and intended polar journeys, describe the altitude changes across the continent, and compare Antarctica to their own state.
  12. What Do People Know About the Arctic and Antarctic?- It's common to confuse characteristics of the Arctic and the Antarctic, and many people have never learned the differences between these two regions.
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