Lesson Plan Title : Introduction to Classifying

Age Range:

Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose:

Classification is a key science skill students need to master at an early age. This lesson helps students begin to understand the use of a classfiication system and visual graphic organizers.


The student will be able to sort assorted items by at least three characteristics.


Several mittens, hats, gloves, and scarves

Chart paper


Objects that can be sorted (markers, pens, and crayons or different types of blocks)


This activity will introduce the concept of classification to your students. Pass the items out to your students and talk about what they all have in common (i.e. you wear them when it is cold). Put that at the top of your list. Discuss the different types of clothing there are (i.e. hat, scarf). List the different types under the main heading. Now ask the students to take their item and go stand with other people who have an item like theirs. Ask them to look and see if any of the items are the same color. Then start listing the items on the chart by color (red glove, purple hat). If you have two or more items that are the same color ask them to find a secondary characteristic to classify them and list it on the chart.


After all the items have been sorted, brainstorm other things that can be classified.

Have the students break into groups and give them objects to sort with a teacher created worksheet. Have them complete a flow chart of how they sorted the objects. Come back together and have them explain their answers to the class.


This lesson may take more than one day and you may want to do more than one.