Lesson Plan Title : Insect Hunt

Age Range:

Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose:

This activity is a good one to do when it is warm outside. The students look for insects outside and then record their observations. The students have fun trying to find all the places insects hide and then enjoy watching them to see what they are doing.


The student will be able to describe what an insect they find looks like and what it is doing.


Teacher created worksheet

Chart paper



Ask students to name as many different kinds of insects as they can think of and list them on the chart paper. Talk about ways they are similar and ways they are different and where some of the insects might live. Take the students to the playground and pass out the worksheets. Explain that they are going to hunt for insects and ask them to name some places they might be able to find them. Let them take some time looking for the insects and completing the worksheet. (If insects are scarce, encourage them to tell everyone when they find one.)

Come back to class and compare what was found outside with the insects listed on the chart paper. Circle any that were found and add any that are missing. Have the students write in their journal about the lesson the next morning.

Suggested content for the teacher-created worksheet:

1. Draw a picture of the insect.

2. What is the insect doing?

3. Where on the playground did you find it?


You might want to remind students not to pick up the insects, just to look at them. For an additional activity students could make insects out of modeling clay when they came back to class. More advanced students could also choose one of the insects they found and do a report on it.