Breezing Fall into Your Classroom Tips For Teachers

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How Does Fall Work? Reading Series

This wonderful series of lessons and reading comprehension worksheets helps students understanding the ins and outs of Fall (Autumn) Season.

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Signs of the Fall Autumn Season

This series of lessons and worksheets looks at the predominate signs that the fall season is upon us.

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Breezing Fall into Your Classroom Tips For Teachers
Veteran teachers offer ten great ideas to bring the theme of Fall into your class. The tips are guaranteed to help students identify with the theme. We hope to make your class the place to be.
  1. Take a nature walk.
  2. Use leaves.
  3. Fall bulletin board.
  4. Hang Fall related items all over.
  5. Pumpkin seed counts.
  6. Calculate student carbon footprints. Here is a carbon footprint calculator.
  7. Plant a tree. Saplings are usually less than a dollar each. Ask parents / guardians for help.
  8. Lollipop tree countdown to Halloween.
  9. Pumpkin party. Invite parents / guardians.
  10. Make masks. Here are a full set of ideas on mask making.

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