Start of School Collection

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School Year

School Year Printables

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Start of School Teacher Resource Guide and Lesson Activities

The start of the school year is tough on everyone students, parents, teachers, and administrators. There is so much to do in so little time. Our staff members have collective spent over 1,900 years in a classroom as a teacher. Not a single staff member said that they felt one hundred percent prepared for the first three weeks of school ever. To help your start of the year, we have hundreds of great teacher resources for you.

  1. Back To School Video Tips
  2. Beginning of the Year Paperwork
  3. Draw Yourself On The First Day
  4. Ice Breakers
  5. Labels For Classrooms
  6. Parent Rolodex
  7. Songs
  8. Theme Classroom Signs
  9. Word Searches
  10. Writing Paper, Patterns

Teacher Forms

  1. Daily Teacher Helpers Forms Pack
  2. School Wide Forms Pack
  3. Student Achievement / Evaluation Forms Pack
  4. Student Forms Pack
  5. Teacher Lesson Forms Pack
  6. Ultimate Teacher Timesavers

Awesome Teacher Timesavers

- 600 Templates and Forms
- Quick and Easy!

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5 Minutes Left

5 Minutes Left Lesson Series

- Just What You Needed
- Instant Lessons

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Curriculum By Subject Area

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Language Arts
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies

Back To School Resources

  1. How to Deal With Disruptive Students
  2. Back To School Checklist For Teachers
  3. Back To School Checklist For Parents
  4. Back to School Helpers, Vol. 1
  5. Back to School Helpers, Vol. 2
  6. Back to School Helpers, Vol. 3
  7. Beginning of School: Classroom Activities
  8. Monthly Helpers - September
  9. Only 5 Minutes Left Lessons
  10. Where Did the Summer Go? Reading Series

Back to School Reading Series

- Great Kick Offs
- Class Starters

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Emergency Lesson Plans

- Be Prepared
- Teacher Lifesavers

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Teaching Themes

  1. Countries
  2. Holidays
  3. Language Arts
  4. Math
  5. Months of the Year
  6. Science
  7. Social Studies

Complete Rubric Collection

  1. K-12 Everyday Rubric Pack
  2. K-12 Math Rubric Pack
  3. K-12 Project Rubric Collection
  4. K-12 Reading Rubric Pack
  5. K-12 Science Rubric Pack
  6. K-12 Social Studies Rubric Pack
  7. K-12 Writing Rubrics

Classroom Planning

  1. Back To School Tools
  2. Classroom Materials Makers
  3. Graphic Organizer Makers
  4. Rubric Generators
  5. Teacher Worksheet Makers

Jokes You Can Tell In Class

  1. Children Jokes
  2. Education Related
  3. Funny Lists
  4. One Liners
  5. Others

Language Arts Resources

  1. Grades 3-8 Top 100 Misspelled Words
  2. High School Level Reading Comprehension
  3. Middle School Level Reading Comprehension
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Spelling
  5. Top 100 Misspelled English Words

Teacher Organization

  1. A+ Teacher Routines
  2. Contacting Home
  3. Creating Cooperative Groups
  4. Student Reminders
  5. Teacher Calendars

Outstanding Math Printable Series

  1. 101 Awesome K-12 Math Lesson Plans Series
  2. Algebra Starter Pack
  3. Fractions Starter Pack
  4. Geometry Starter Pack
  5. Math Graphic Organizer Pack

Teacher Helpers

  1. Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs
  2. Class Rules: Elementary Level
  3. Class Rules: Middle Level
  4. Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator
  5. Today In History